What Can I Do to Prevent My Hearing Loss From Worsening?

One-third of people in the US, between 65 and 75, have some sort of hearing loss. For some, hearing loss is inevitable. But it depends on the cause. Are you worried about your own hearing? We have good news. There are ways you can get ahead of your hearing loss now, before it's too late.

What causes hearing loss?

To put it simply, hearing loss happens when your hair cells deteriorate and stop working. With that said, there are several different reasons why that might happen.

Normal wear-and-tear of hair cells can cause loss. So can smoking, diabetes, ear infections, and even excessive noise. Sound waves play a huge role in hearing loss! The higher the volume of a sound, the more powerful its sound waves. Which impacts the hair cells and accelerates hearing loss.

And while in some cases, hearing loss is inevitable. There are things you can do now to slow down the process, here are three of them:

Pay attention to loud noises

High volumes, aka loud noises, can damage your hearing. Avoid them when you can. When possible, steer clear of places with a ton of screaming. And protect your ears with plugs when you're riding the subway or at a loud event.

Protect your ears

Keep your music volume to a moderate level. No more than 60%. If you use earphones or headphones, opt for noise canceling ones. This allows you to keep the volume at a moderate level while still blocking outside noise. You should also take a break from headphones for at least five minutes every hour.

Take a walk on your break to exercise your ears. Yes, that’s a thing. The internal part of your ears need to stay healthy. So, get up and move whenever possible.

Keep your ears clean

A buildup of earwax can block the ear canal and interfere with the conduction of sound waves. Consider earwax removal to restore some or all your hearing.

Stop smoking, too. Cigarette smokers are more likely to experience age-related hearing loss. The same goes for secondhand smoke. When possible, avoid smoke-friendly places.

Diabetes, high blood pressure, and other medical conditions can cause hearing loss. That's why it's important you take good care of your body with proper diet and exercise.

At Petoskey Ear Nose and Throat Specialists, we offer recommendations on how to promote good health and good hearing. If you’re experiencing hearing loss, don't wait to see us. Call today for an appointment or make one here.

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