Why Do I Keep Getting Sinus Infections?

Why Do I Keep Getting Sinus Infections?

A sinus infection (sinusitis) that comes along with a cold typically fades once your cold has resolved, usually within 10-14 days. But when your symptoms persist or return frequently, it’s time to investigate.

Our providers at Petoskey Ear, Nose, & Throat Specialists, with three offices in Michigan, are experts at uncovering the cause of your sinus symptoms and providing treatments you can rely on to relieve your discomfort and help you breathe easy again.

Here’s what you should know about recurrent sinus infections.

Did your sinus infection really go away?

Related to a viral, fungal, or bacterial infection, sinusitis is generally categorized as:

It’s important to note that acute sinusitis can improve after a couple of days but then appear to return, sometimes with more severe symptoms. This, however, is a worsening of the original illness and not a “new” or recurrent sinus infection. Recurrent sinusitis is that which occurs four or more times a year without any symptoms between these episodes.

Your evaluation at Petoskey ENT Specialists starts with a detailed discussion of your symptoms as your provider investigates the potential causes of your sinusitis and your best treatment options.

What causes sinusitis?

Many factors can trigger the inflammation and swelling that blocks sinuses and causes them to fill with purulent drainage (pus), which essentially leads to sinusitis.

 The most common of these factors include:

Effective treatment for sinusitis requires an accurate diagnosis of which issue or combination of issues is causing your symptoms. 

Thus, along with a physical exam, your Petoskey specialist may recommend further diagnostic workup, such as allergy testing as well as MRI or other imaging studies, to help identify the condition triggering your sinusitis.

How do you treat sinusitis?

Treatment for a sinus infection is tailored to meet your needs. Rather than simply addressing your symptoms, our team also works to resolve the underlying problem.

Your plan may include:

Are you tired of struggling with sinus infections that last longer than they should or return every couple of months? Schedule an evaluation with us at Petoskey Ear, Nose & Throat Specialists today for lasting relief. 

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